Monday, November 21, 2011

umbrella cockatoos

Length: 40-50cm/16-20 inches
Weight: 450-800 grams
Life span: 50-70 years
Incubation: 28-30 days
Age at weaning: 16-24 weeks
Age at maturity: 3-5 years
Natural habitat: Central and Northern Moluccans, Indonesia

The Umbrella Cockatoo occurs in the lowland and hill forest up to 600m. Unlike the Moluccan the Umbrella seems to prefer secondary growth habitats. Umbrella Cockatoos spend most of their time in the canopy in pairs or small parties. At dusk they gather in groups of up to 50 to roost in large trees. Their white plumage and loud screeching call making them very conspicuous.

They feed on fruit, nuts, seed, berries and insects and their larvae. They are especially fond of insect larvae when they have chicks in the nest.

They nest in hollows in trees, or if they can, the top of a rotten tree. A normal clutch is 2 eggs, occasionally 3 and both the parents incubate them. Breeding occurs in April.

The Umbrella Cockatoo is all white, with a light yellow wash under their wings and tail, their crest is large and fan shaped. Their beak and legs are black.

Pet potential: The Umbrella Cockatoos are perhaps the most cuddly and physically affectionate parrots on the planet. While most people would find this endearing at first but they soon learn that these birds are perhaps also the most demanding birds on the planet. They would be sewn to your hip if it was a possibility. What they lack in talking ability they make up for in intelligence as these are birds who can readily learn commands and tricks. They have very loud voices and if mishandled they will scream for attention. They are also prone to plucking if mishandled or ignored.

Talking ability: Poor

Noise level: Very high

Cage requirements: Minimum 3 x 4 x 5 foot

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