Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red Bellied macaw

The red bellied macaw is originated from brazil, columbia, venezuela, bolivia, and trinidad.
These macaws are medium size, macaws are 300g in weight and 46 cm in length.
The male and the female have same external appearance, they have dark gray beaks, The cere is covered with bare mustard yellow skin, irises are dark brown, the forehead bluish, the chin, chest and throat is covered with green scalloping.The lifespan is up to 40 years.

The behavior with the red bellied macaws is they make reedy high pitched screams, They eat the fruits and seeds of palm trees.

 The breeding is nests in a hole in a tree, the primary choice being the moriche palm. They lays eggs to 2-4, the female incubation the eggs for 27 days, the birds after hatch leave the nest in 77 days.

The reproductive is they nest there holes in high in dead palm trees often over water which lets them have good protection over predators. There diet is they eat fruits and seeds in the palm trees.

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