Monday, November 21, 2011

Groffin's cockatoos

Length: 27-33cm/11-13 inches
Weight: 250-325 grams
Life span: 35-40 years
Incubation: 30 days
Age at weaning: 12-16 weeks
Age at maturity: 2-3 years
Natural habitat: Tanimbar Islands Indonesia

Like most of the Cockatoos from the Indonesian Islands not a lot is known about the habitat of the Goffin Cockatoo in the wild. They are typically birds of the coastal lowland forests and up to 300 birds have been recorded in flocks. Their flocks enter farmland to raid crops and they cause considerable damage to the crops, especially maize. They are a noisy, conspicuous birds and are more usually seen in small flocks or pairs during the breeding season. They can be quite vocal at night and when displaying they raise their crests and strut about shrieking.

They feed in the treetops on seeds, nuts, berries, fruit, blossoms and insects and their larvae as well as raiding maize crops.

They nest in hollows in tress and a normal clutch is 2-3 eggs. Both the male and the female birds share the incubation of the eggs.

The plumage of the adult Goffin's Cockatoo is white with distinct pink suffusion on their lores, cheeks and ear coverts. The base of their body feathers are pinkish and their underwing and undertail is a washed yellow colour. Their beak is a greyish white and their legs greyish.

Pet potential: The Goffin Cockatoo is a very active and playful bird. They can be very destructive but due to their smaller stature they can't destroy large things very easily. Because of their playfulness they need many toys to stimulate them, this is important as feather plucking can result from the bird being bored. They enjoy time out of the cage and make a wonderful Cockatoo for those who can spend 100% of their time with their bird. They are not typically aggressive and can be quite cuddly at times.

Talking ability: Poor

Noise level: Moderate to loud

Cage requirements: Minimum 2.6 x 2.6 x 4 foot

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