Tuesday, November 15, 2011

harligold macaw

The harligold macaw is a 2nd generation macaw, it is a cross between harelequin macaw and blue and gold macaw.

The distribution is they are highly captive macaw, hybrid is are rarely found in the wild.

The description is harligold macaws are very colorful and is a hybrid macaw. They contribute to the offspring, the father is the dominant gene, brings the final appearance. The harligold macaw brings strong green because of the green winged macaw form the harelequin macaw. The head and beak of the harligold macaw brings strong nice color from the green winged. From the blue and gold macaw they get a softer blue and gold color. It gets the underside of orange redish of the under parts. They are a full sized and learn 15 vocabs to talk.

The size and weight it can weigh over 2 pounds and get up 86 cm in length.

The care and feeding it needs a roomy cage to be let for exteneded periods of time on the pen to play, so it can prevent bordness and it eats all types of seeds, fruits, nuts and other diet eating parrot food, they also eat human fruits and vegetables.

The social behavior is that they are sweet and friendly from the blue and gold macaw and are clownish from the harelequin macaw. Needs to be socialized with people it, it can be cranky at times.

The breeding and reproduction is they don't breed but hybrids are common and breed alot.

They have no sexual differences

The potential problems is they can be noisey at times.

The availability is they are available and expensive.

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  1. I have a 4 month old Harligold that I raised from the day he hatched. I love him! He has such a sweet disposition, and yes is quite the clown....