Friday, November 4, 2011

chestnut fronted macaw

The chestnut fronted macaw is 46-48 cms/18-19 inches in length.
The weight of the macaw is 360-410 grams
The lifespan of it is over 40 years
The incubation is 26 days
The age of weaning is 12 weeks
Age at maturity is 2 years
The natural habitat is panama, columbia, venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, and ecuador

These chestnut macaws are commonly know as inhabit open forests, woodlands, savannahs with trees and palms that go up 5000 feet. They fly in pairs of 3-20 in the rest of the year, they are difficult to see on the trees and are like braying monkey.

Their diet consists of seeds, fruits, and flowers, They fly long distance in search of fruit trees. They nest in hallow trees where they normal clutch 2-4 eggs The youngers leave there nest at 10 weeks and fly with their parents for several weeks.

The predators are boa constrictors and also humans.The plumage of a chestnut is green, There head is dull blue and the bend of the wings and the under side are a dull red. There tail feathers are brownish red with blue tips, The underside of the tail is dull red. The facial area is creamy white with lines of black feathers and there feet is flesh coloured.

There talkin ability is fair, and the noise level is high.

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