Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red shouldered macaw

The red shouldered macaw is from central northeastern south america, the scientific name is ara nobilis.
These birds weight 200 to 1700 grams, the size is 12 inches in length.
They are overall green with bluish black forehead, dark blue wing tips red edge on front of wing underside of tail and wings yellow green bare white face, grayish black bill and feet. There lifespan is 50 years in large species, the age of maturity is 2-3 years, the large 3-6 and the hyacinth 6-10 years. There diet is fresh fruits and vegetables and water. The clutch size is 2-4, They need a nest box 24x24x36 and need a cage 5x5x8.

The behavior is They are playful and love to chew. They need to be provided with toys so they can chew, they need to be supervised at home, they shouldn't be left alone with no one watching them, because they intoxicate dangerous items. They are very active and need a big cage to support it.

The common diseases found for the red shouldered macaw is
Proventricular Dilatation Disease (Macaw wasting disease)
Feather picking
Chewing flight and tail feathers by juveniles
Oral and cloacal papillomas
Psittacosis (chlamydiosis)
Bacterial, viral and fungal infections
Constricted toe syndrome, chicks
Beak malformations - chicks
Kidney Disease - gout
Toxicity, heavy metal poisoning

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