Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flame Macaw

The flame macaw is a colorful macaw, it is a 2nd generation macaw, the parents are green winged macaw and the catalina macaw.

The distribution is they are rarely found in the wild

The description is they are beautiful reds, blues, greens, golds and composite of colors influenced, the coloration of their parentage. They are full sized macaw and are highly intelligent and inquisitive.
They learn to talk with 15 or more vocabulary of expressions. Hybrids bred for color rather than personality, their characteristics are uncertain. A flame needs good socialization and firm consistent hand in training.

The size and weight is over 2 pounds and can reach up 90 cm in length.

The care and breeding is they need a roomy cage, they need to be out for a while on a pen to prevent boredom and they eat fruits nuts seeds, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

The social behavior is the flame macaw typically takes on a composite of traits and from its parentage.
having a sweet friendly nature, being highly intelligent and curious. they can be highly intelligent and good natured and trainable bird that can talk. They are cranky at times and they tend to like people that are around alot and socialized with it. It is a bird that like people and just needs socialize with others to keep it nice and intelligent.

The breeding and reproduction is they dont breed but the hybrids are breeding to tend to be available more often.

They have no sexual differences

The potential problem is they are noisy at times.

The availability is they are hard to find and rare.

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