Friday, November 18, 2011

maui sunset macaw

The sunset macaw is a first generation macaw and is a cross between blue and gold macaw and red fronted macaw.

The distribution is a captive hybrid, they are rarely found.

the description is the jubilee typically takes on the natural docile side of the green winged macaw with some of the natural clownish personality of the harelequin macaw. They are cranky at times and may even be a one person bird or only like men and women unless well socialized. To have well rounded bird that enjoys more than one person, make sure it is well socialized.

The size and weight is they are under 2 pounds but since the red fronted macaw is a smaller bird they are 61-86 cm in length.

The care and breeding is the cage is they need a roomy cage, spend there time on a pen and eat nuts, fruits, seeds and other nutrition things like humans.

The social behavior is the Maui Sunset Macaw has awesome parents. The Blue and Gold Macaw characteristics make for the best all around personality and a good speaking ability. Add to that the sweet affectionate temperament of the Red-fronted Macaw and you have a wonderful bird. Macaws are affectionate, inquisitive, and intelligent. They make them a great companion not only for a single person but when well socialized are friendly with everyone, even other birds. To have a family type bird that enjoys all different folks.

The breeding and reproduction is this is a rare hybrid and due to the delicate situation of the Red-fronted Macaw (being severely threatened with extinction) it is not suggested that there be intended breeding of this hybrid. It is very important that the Red-fronted Macaws become firmly established themselves. The Red-fronted Macaws are also still quite rare in captivity, but they have proven to be good breeders. They are now beginning to be more widely bred in the United States and hopefully they shall soon become well established

The potential problem is they are noisy at times.

The availability is they are rare and expensive and they endangered species is red fronted makes them rare.

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  1. What is the going price for the maui sunset baby? I'm getting a baby from a lady I have gotten my other birds from. She is asking 4,500 for the bird.