Thursday, November 10, 2011

Calico macaw

The calico macaw is a hemingway of  the parents of greenwing and military macaws.

The scientific name is the first generation hybird macaw, it has cross between the greenwinged and the macaw.

The distirbution is captive bred hybird, they are hardly found.

The description of the macaws are very colorful, Both parents contribute colors during offspring, The faters have the dominant gene which makes the final appearance. The father is a green winged macaw it's green because they are more common than femals. The head and beak shaped more green with beak and head. deep green back with a deep red chest and belly.

The size and the weight is full sized macaw which is a green winged macaw. They weigh over 2 pounds and are over 90 cm tall.

The care and breeding is it requires a roomy cage unless it is out for extended periods of time. They neeed to be on a play pen, they eat variety of fruits, nuts, seeds, and also eat nutrition things like humans eat.

The social behaviors are close with people, love being around others, they also can be cranky with people but are a family bird.

There are no sexual differences with each other.

The problems they have is they can be noisy at times.

The availablity is they are more and more macaw breeders, as they become for sale they become more and more common.

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