Friday, November 11, 2011

Capri macaw

The capri macaw is a cross between camelot and scarlet macaw. Its a third generation macaw, It has alot of scarlet macaw parentage. The capri is know for 100 years in south america for being one of the beautiful and colorful parrots. 7/8 parentage come from the scarlet macaw.

The distribution is it's a captive bred hybird macaw, they are rarely found in the wild.

The description is the capri macaw is they are colorful predominantly the beautiful red coloration from the scarlet macaw portion. They are full size are highy intelligent and inquisitive. From the blue and gold they can learn 15 first vocabulary words. It needs socialism and hand in training especially it matures.

The size and weight is the capri macaw is very close to same size as it's parentage. They reach over 2 pounds, the scarlet is 85 cm tall and the blue and gold is 86, so the capri would be about the same.

The care and feeding needs a roomy cage unless he's out of the cage for extended periods, they play on the pen for there play time, they eat seeds, fruits, nuts and nutrition fruits as humans.

There is no sexual differences

The potential problem is they can be noisy at times.

The availability is they are rare and fairly expensive, more and more hybirds are breeding.

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