Thursday, November 10, 2011

Buffwing macaw

A Bufwing macaw is a lepi, the parents is the green winged macaw which is dad and the buffon macaw is mom. The buffwing macaw is a first generation macaw, The scientific name is ara chloroptera. The hybird macaws are rarely found in the wild.

The description is its a very colorful macaw which the mom buffon macaw contributes the offspring through the fathers gene. The colors come out with greenwinged which are the head and beak shaped like a green winged macaw, The hybird has green body, reds on the forehead, on the cheek and the chest, Buffwings are fully large macaws, they learn to talk vocabulary words the first 15 words for expression.

The size and weight is they can go over 2 pounds and the lenght is 86 cm.

The care and breeding is the cage is required if the bird doesn't need one unless he's outside for extended periods. They need a pen to play on and also eat seeds, fruits, nuts, and other nutrition things like humans eat.

The social behavior is they are a family bird, they are naturaled and gentle. It can be cranky but in times they enjoy to be with folks and love more than one person.

The breeding is they generally don't breed.

The sexual differences is there is no visible differences.

The potential difference is they are noisy at times.

Availability they are hard to find for sale, they are expensive.

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