Thursday, November 10, 2011

caloshua macaw

The caloshua macaw is a cross offspring between blue, gold, and hyancinth macaw. It's a first generation meaning the perents are a 2 different species macaw.

The scientific name is the blue and gold are ara ararauna and and a hyacinth macaw is anodorhynchus hyacinthinus.

The discription is a captive bred macaw and are rarely found in the wild.

The description are pretty blue hybird with a blue green face and a gold or yellow underside. Both the parents of the caloshua are a blend in the offspring. The father is the final appearance of the gene. The hyacinth macaw contributes the rich blue and also the overall appearance of the head and size. The blue and gold contribute the lighter blue that contributes the green shades of the head and the gold on the underside. The skin tones are of the hyancinth is orange with white on the blue and gold. Giving a white and slightly yellow skin.

The size and weight is they are over 2 pounds and are 106 cm tall.

The care and breeding is they need a roomy cage unless is is out for alot of hours, it spends most of the time on the pen and eat seeds, fruits, nuts and what humans eat as nutrition.

The social behavior is The blue and gold macaw make the family type bird. They are sweet and extremely gentle. They get along with all people.

The breeding is they dont breed but the bred is common.

There are no sexual differences.

It can be noisy for the potential problem.

The availability is they are hard rare which are for sale. They are expensive and are breeding.

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