Thursday, October 6, 2011

Indigo Macaw

An indigo macaw is a from brazil a rare parrot, its a metalic blue with faint. It weighs at 2 pounds, with a 30 inches long.The indigo macaw is named after edward lear, the body, tail, and wings are dark blue with the head slightly paler shade. To the appearance of the indigo macaw is similar to the hyacinth and glaucous macaw. The indigo macaw eats nuts as the licuri palm, if the group of macaws are searching for food or nesting ground a small advance of males would scout out.  when danger is found on hunts for new territory the macaws call their signature call which can be heard for miles. The macaw reachs flight speeds of up to 35 miles per hour to escape predators or poachers. The indigo breeding reproduction of 1-2 eggs per year of mating seasons from december to may. The sexual maturity is at 2–4 years of age, the life span can be anywhere from 30–50 years or more. 

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