Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blue throated macaw

The blue throated macaw is from the tropical savannahs and woodland of central bolivia. They depend on palm trees, Today their are less than 300 blue throated macaws. The blue throated macaws are mistaken for the blue and gold macaw. The size of the blue throated macaws are 34 inches, the weight of the blue throated macaw is 1.7   pounds. There diet is it includes seeds, fruits, nuts and berries. The incubation and the clutch size is the their incubation is 29 days and there clutch size is 2-3 eggs.The fledging duration is approximately 4 months with parents to a year. The lifespan is they will live up to more than 80 years. There habitat is swampy lowlands to savannah grasslands. The blue throated macaws are endangered species because there aren't that many left. 

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